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In November 2007, I was arrested for Child Abuse (the other party involved wasn’t arrested, or charged) & lost my job.In May 2008 I pleaded Guilty to the charge with recommendation for Felony Probation (as I have no prior Conviction) […]

It was in late September… I’ve been talking to a girl and she kept talking about stuff saying “let’s hang out”, or “let’s go do something sometime”. I’m a very friendly guy and wanted to get away from my friends […]

I live in Michigan and have recently went back to college.  I did some stupid things in my 20’s which had resulted in 2 misdemeanor convictions. One was for impaired driving and the other was embezzlement under $25.  Like I said […]

I have several offenses of my past and would like to have my record explunged. being my most recent probation was under the old law that I just got off probation two years ago fro an offense I served time […]

I was convicted in 1992 and 1993 for UUMV (yes, 2 different cases). I was just a young man back then, confused and had no direction in life. I spent more than 2.5 years of a 4 year sentence behind bars […]

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