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First I was falsely accused of a serious crime, it took months and a lot of money and time I will never get back to prove this person lied. In the end I was found not guilty of my charges, […]

I was at a Phish concert in Jones Beach on Long Island When a concertgoer handed me a bunch of n2o, well next thing I noticed were Park Police surrounding me. Uh OH I thought to myself long story shorter […]

18yrs ago I was accused of touching my daughter I was at work when the police came to give me a date to appear in court, I appeared and was given another court date and another and another this went […]

i was hit hard by girlfriend , i admit nowĀ  i did the wrong thingĀ  i picked her up and put her outsideĀ Ā Ā  got arrested forĀ  itĀ  judge knew she hit first, dropped it to simple assault , tryin in […]

I ajudicated for a for a sex offense when I was 13 yrs old , after my ajudication i completed probation and treatment and was required to registar as a sex offender. I was not given a specific level for […]

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