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Some time ago (2000) I made a bad mistake at a bar and had 3 XTC pills and 2 small bags of cocaine on me. They were in separate bags so I was charged with possession and manufacturing of a […]

I have a misdemeanor charge in Colorado Springs with my ex-girlfriend back when I was 26 or 27 yrs old which puts the year around 1990 or 91. We over drank one night at home, then got into an argument.  My girlfriend was […]

I had a domestic disturbance charge about 15 yrs ago, I never was arrested for said charge nor did I know this was on my record. It says charges dropped before hearing, but is still on my record. I am […]

I have been working as a C.N.A for 12 years . I worked in Pensacola FL. Indianapolis,IN and Houston ,TX .I never been changed for mistreatment or Body Harm to anyone. Sometimes that’s rare. But  I moved to Houston,TX with my […]

Some 25 years ago I made several mistakes that now follow my every move.  These were non violent property related crimes of an adolesence era.  Once the dust settled I decided to change my life, my actions and my attitude.  […]

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