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I grew up in a south west Florida county.  My faimly never had a lot, so I tryed to do my best in school growing up so I could have a good life.  I played baseball and football in high school, […]

I am trying to get my gaming license to work as a dealer in the Motor City Casino and I have something on my record from 22 years ago in 1989 I am unable to have it expunged because I have […]

I have a class a and b misdemeanor theft on my record i want to quit to school because what im studying for is in the criminal justice field i cant get a job as a correctional officer or nothing all […]

I had to plead no contest to a Domestic Violence charge because even though the supposed victim was not going to testify there was a good chance that I would have served time. My Court appointed lawyer who was an […]

I have been a law abiding citizen for the most part of my life. I started working at age 13, at which time taxes were taken out of my checks. I tried to raise 3 children on my own and […]

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