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my wife of 23 years left and went to Tennessee with my 9 year old son , my other son was 15 and he would not go. she was doing the neighbors and in front of me so i shot […]

I married a person that was nice at the beginning but as her alcohalism got worse she always tried to put me in jail now 24 years later i still have domestic violence on my record and can not buy […]

I started to drive semi in 1987 had fail to exercise Due care or control the company I drove for Star Bulk they had poor maintenance tractor and trailer had 3 working brakes they had poor maintenance record I was […]

On February 14 2010, I was arrested and charged with False Imprisonment, Sexual Battery on a victim over the age of 12 years Special Conditions and Domestic Violence. The alleged victim being my wife at that time. I bonded out […]

In 1967 I was 18 years old and was in the military stationed in Ft.Hood Texas during the Vietnam war. My unit was deployed, but some of us were left behind. I tried to request from the Inspecting General to […]

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