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I had a doctor sign a 302 before I had a chance to sign the 201 that goes with this process. I signed the 201 for voluntary commitment the day after I arrived, but the doctor had signed the 302 […]

I was 17 years old and got convicted of a robbery w/out a deadly weapon , sentenced to 4 yrs in 2yrs community control “Y O” split, is it possible to get this off my record?

when I was 17 I was hired at kmart i had worked there for around one year.. one day i was approached by the loss prevention office saying I needed to come into the office. I was accused of stealing […]

September 2006 I was arrested at my then boyfriend’s house. I went over to talk to him because he was supposed to pick me up for brunch as a birthday present and never showed up. I called his cell to […]

my wife of 23 years left and went to Tennessee with my 9 year old son , my other son was 15 and he would not go. she was doing the neighbors and in front of me so i shot […]

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