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When I was just 19 years old I tried to steal an expensive purse from a department store and got caught.   I know that stealing is wrong and that I deserved to be punished, so I took a plea bargain and did community service and got a petty theft misdeameanor.  Now everytime I apply for a decent job they always turn me down because I have to say I am a convicted thief!  I am now 23 years old and have a dead end job at a movie theater and don’t know what to do!  I live in Oklahoma and didn’t find any information on how I can applyfor an expungement.  I cannot afford an attorney.

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  1. Mathew Higbee says:

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. Punishment of a crime must be understood prior to the commission of the crime for it to be an effective deterrent. There is no way you could have understood the lifelong consequence at the age of 19 when you committed the offense and accepted the plea deal. We do not have an Oklahoma attorney affiliated with us yet, but check with your public defender’s office for guidance.

  2. paula hampton says:

    In 2002 i was convicted with a class D felony, something that had hunted me. Five years before hand i had involved myself with the wrong surroundings that affected my life in losing a great job that had my family (three sons) secured. The month of November 2002 ended my life instantly, that was the day that i was sentenced with a five year probation and an immediate termination of my job due to charge on my record. I have learned to accept full responsibility of my involvement in such actions, but what really affects me is the fact that its so hard in trying to achieve or to advance in further endeavors. My being a single mom, thanking the lord everyday for blessing me in such hardships. Im constantly praying for strength and guidance and above all HELP in how to get my record expunged. Please if there are any numbers, application, or just a lead to help me to clear my record, would be highly appreciated. I went from a perfect record to a class D felony. I reside in the state of Illinois. It really hurts in every time an application if filled out, you are held back or application is held to the side because no one believes in second chances. Please help me in contacting the right sources to get my life back on track. I thank you for allowing me this time, DESPERATELY SEEKING ASSISTANCE

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