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On February 3, 2012 I was shopping at Publix in the City of South Beach Miami, FL.
Around 4 pm I went to Publix to shop for some groceries and water. I walked into Publix with two extra bags from CVS pharmacies in which I had deodorants and tooth paste which I found at better prices and better rewards.
I shopped for a few groceries in Publix including ham, bread, water, cereal and a few vegetables. As I walked up to the register it was a littel busy during Friday afternoon and I forgot to pay for a few items which the cashier did not noticed including the box of bottled water that was under the shopping cart.
I payed for all the groceries but forgot to pay for the case of water, a conditioner and a facial scrub. As I walked to the door a security was waiting for me and asked me to walk with him to his office. Now I know I should have asked why and not be so naive with regards to corporations.
He took me into his office and asked me if I had anything in my shopping cart I had not payed for. I said no and as we went trough the receipts the water, shampo and scrub were not on the receipts. I appologized and offered to pay with for the items but he seemed eagered to place the record and charge me with theft.
As the police officer arrived he looked at the report and after looking at the $14 dollars worth of merchandise he asked if it was possible for me to pay for the remaining items. The security in charged answered that even though I was being very polite and cooperative PUBLIX had a zero tolerance for teft and I was put in jail for $14 dollars worth of merchandise that I offered many of time to pay.
I was arrested and taken prisioner for $14 dollars. It has been 16 months of agony because this incident reflects as a criminal record and I have not been able to find work because of that incident.
I lost my apartments and had not a job or money forcing me to sleep on the beach almost as a homeless.
I ask for the court records to take my case off the public records because my persona and social security has been affected.

User story by NOE G. in Florida

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