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In 2005, I was convicted of an E felony and misdemeanor charge for controlled substance and marijuana. I was at a club with friends and decided to be the first one out. I waited in my friends car for the rest of them to come out. One of my friends comes out holding a beer in the parking lot and comes up to the car. The patrol officer then sped up to us and asked my friend for I.D. I was in the driver seat listening to music. The officer then asked me what I was doing and since I wasnt the owner if I was stealing the car. He began to search both of us and with his flashlight finds a pocket knife on the backseat. He then searched the car including the trunk and found marijuana and about 3.5 grams of cocaine, maybe less im not sure its all kind of irrelevant to me now. I was then convicted. I was 19 years old and that day was really my last day alive. I am lucky to have a wife. I only keep going for her not really me. I am a college grad. and my major was Criminal justice and then had to change my degree due to the fact im now a criminal. So now that I cant get a job thats really worth having, now what? Sometimes I think its not even worth breathing.

User story by Joe in New York

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  1. terahs says:

    Hi, Joe… Nice to meet you. My story is almost identical to yours. But I have only been off of my probation for 1 year. I was 19 and am now 24. Your story worries me. Are you not able to get the offense sealed or expunded?

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