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well my story is simple, i had just turned 21yrs old and living alone, no kids, no boyfrnd.¬† Just tyring 2 focus on my life. i moved in to a four family flat and from the start i was bein harassed. i spoke wit the land lord he surely promised me that he wld handle the situation but tht didnt work so i decided to move to keep drama awat i have never gotten in to troble in my life. one nite coming back home from a date i would say about 2am and i lived up stair s as soon i get in i hear a violent noise i run to my apt door and see my sister and the defendant arguing and a lil struggle is in process my immediate thought was to break it up and i did. I was very upset about the situation so i felt something was going to happen i didnt have a landline si i tld my sister lets go these ppl are violent my sister responede saying “no we came in we goin out my idea was 2 leave out the bck door to avoid ant futher drama. as we were leavin out i had 2 lock my door w/a key and b 4 i new it the lights went off n the hallway u hav 2 be at the bottom of the stairs 2 wrk the light switch i had a stick in my hand 4 protection previouly 2 this incident i was approach my the victim in a sexual way wen i explained i wasnt gay but 4 gat rights i was pulled in an apt by 3 females sexually touched¬† breast were bitten as well as a 12 gaugepointed @ me during the sexual attack¬†i made a police report as well as photo the dpd says they wld handle it so i guess the police talked wit them and new i was pressin charges and now here tryin to leave¬†lights goes of i made it half way down the stairs and lights come on and i see blood and my sister’s bone hanging out of her wrist i panicked and i tld the attacker Marnie eddy to move so i can break the fight up she said¬†”ova my dead body bitch yall gonna die tonite so¬†i fought my way dwn 2 reach my sister now, im scared bcuz theydid pull out a 12 gauge on me already so i keep yelling ”its goin 2 far as i look¬†ova my sista has this huge woman on top of her and a pool of blood was under my sister’s body i thought she was dead during me look at my sister 2 see if she’s ok i was caught off gaurd and my head was taken threw a window, i feel dwn and was n a dazed wen i looked up Marnie eddy was sittin on top of me tryin to force a large piece of glass threw my throat which she almost suceeded my sister saved my life wen i thought she was dead, the fight was ova and a month lata i was charged w/1 count of attempted murder judger dropped it 2 felonious assult its bn13yr ive bn educated never gotten in 2 any trouble¬†and i hav kids i need this felony to b removed thanks for letting me share i feel betta will not stop until i find HELP!

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