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long story short.

As a juvenile(17) I associated with individuals whom made poor decisions, which in turned, I made some poor decisions as well. The crime that was commited was a 211pc-robbery. It was more of just going up to some people and literally just asking them for their phones and stuff. I had no idea the impact that would make on my life now. I’m unable to serve my country by enlist in the uniformed services, because the juvenile offense requires a waiver. Since the incident, it has been a good 4-5 years. I completed probations and all the conditions in good terms, went to camp and was granted an early release. We all honestly just have one life to live, I want the same opportunity as everyone, not to say it was okay for what I participated in, but just a chance at self redemption. For, I can honestly say I learned from my prior decisions that were socially influenced. I’m holding an Associates of arts degree; social and human behavioral science. Im on my way to tranferring to a University of California to obtain a bachelors degree. You live and you learn. I definitely can say that I learned, I’m ready to move onto new chapters of my life. I want to serve my country.

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