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When I was 16 I had a girlfriend. We were heavily into cocaine and marijuanna. We were planning on leaving to Job Corps together and the day before we were scheduled to go she calls me and says I have a new man i’m done with you have a good life. Although I was wrong in my actions I left the home were I was at and ran to her house for an explanation. Afterall I was in love or so I thought I was. She would not answer the door so I hopped up her balcony like i would normally do to sneak in our visit. I opened the door ( called burglary) I walked inside demanding an answer (assault) she tried to walk away and when I grabbed her by her shirt she pulled away and ripped her shirt (they called this battery) I was so mad because she would not tell me what I did to deserve this treatment from her and she said Im going to have my sister call the cops without thinking I grabbed a candle stick and said I would throw it at her sister if she got in the middle. Bottom line I was wrong I should have walked away. But at 16 what do you know. I was charged with those crimes and convicted as an adult after I violated my probation for watching a tyson fight. I did not commit another crime. I received 364 days in the county and have lived with this scar forever. While incarcerated I received my GED once released I received several other degrees. I never again committed a crime. I have two sons this has been 16 years since and no one will let me put this behind me. The degrees I received are all for nothing because no one wants to hire a convicted felon so I have to grit and bare and mini job I can hold on too. I need help.. A law that will help teens convicted as adults that will state if they keep clean for so many years that they should be given the opportunity to completely erase from their record. I was a kid, with no guidance, now as a mature educated adult/ father I have to live with this cancer for the rest of my life? somethings so wrong with this.

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