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First of all let me say I was wrong but have long paid the price and continue to pay. I am a 51 year old male from Somerville, Tennessee. My troubles started early on in life due to undiagnosed mental illness. I became very unruly and defiant upon having running thoughts and low voices in 1977. I quickly began drinking and drugging to slow down the thought and function without the voices. Later that year began my trips to institutions and breaking the law. Over the next few  years my mental illness and addiction progressed to out of control. This accumulated into more trips to juvenile justice and institutions. In 1982 I became an adult and my addiction was full blown. I was diagnosed later that year as manic depressive after being arrested and attempting suicide. There was no other follow up or medication process afforded me. I was left to deal with untreated mental illness and drug addiction. I was convicted of a burglary in 1983 and a drug charge and burglary in 1991 and given 10 years for one rock sale and 7 years for burglary. I was released in 1993, violated in 1999. In 2003 I completed a homeless shelter recovery program and have been clean and sober since working in the recovery field for 11 years as a Life Coach. This shelter helped me get mental health treatment and directed my drug and alcohol recovery. I have worked in a Jail Diversion program for the last 6 years as a Peer Mentor. I am writing this story to show that with help and support people can and do change their lives also to shine the spotlight on co-occurring disorder and the prevalence of it in this society. Also how my criminal history affects my personal and family life because people in power was not properly trained or didn’t care. After almost 20 years I still have to divulge my long past criminal history and  suffer the consequences of denial of family and employment. I am urging the powers that be to pass some type of comprehensive criminal record sealment, clemency, or pardon for those who have amended their ways and strive to help others.

User story by Lee C. in Tennessee

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