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I’m 28 years old.  I was convicted of prescription fraud and now have a felony for life. I can’t get a job. Rent an apartment or qualify for food stamps. Child molesters can but a drug convicitions can’t.  Here is my story.  I have a kidney disease IGA nephritis. It is where the kidneys do not filter as they should.  I was having horrible stomach pains constantly. I kept going to doctors and hospitals.  I was accused of being a drug addict and constantly looking for drugs. They would keep checking my kidney functions and telling me I was fine. I went to many different hospitals and doctors over a couple of year period. During this time it just kept getting worse. I did start to self medicate.  I eventually did become addicted to pain meds. I still couldn’t get help. Even with the addiction I just kept hurting more and feeling worse.  Still kept going to hospitals for help and each time my kidneys were fine.  I got caught calling in prescriptions to pharmacy’s and was convicted.  Right after my conviction I was taken to a hospital soon after being taken to a prison. The er doctor was about to send me back to the prison when he ran one more test. I ended up having emergency surgery.  It wasn’t my kidneys for all of these years. It was my gallbladder.  It was so backed up with gallstones that it backed up into my kidneys and liver.  He said, I was lucky to be alive. They had to burn 1/3 of my liver. Had one doctor or one emergency room just once looked at something other than what we knew I had a problem with I wouldn’t be sitting with my life sentence of no job and no home.  I would have never have reached the point of trying to help myself while trying to get the correct medical help. I do not qualify for any help in removing or lessoning my conviction. Forever, I will be that guy thats just a criminal and nothing more.

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