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My story is large, but all in all this was my first time ever going to court I have served my country for 8 years with deployments. Me and my wife were in an argument that lasted for 4 hours the argument was back and forth you do this you do that a situation where both parties are right. It got to the point I started to get really angry and got a migraine so I left the situation and went to the bedroom and locked the door and proceeded to get in the shower.

Come to find out 10 minutes later my wife took the door knob off the door to get in to continue to argue I left that situation and laid on the couch she followed and continued to chew my ear off. I figured If I sat there long enough the arguing would eventually stop, but the longer I went being quite the more the comments got worse and worse intel I hit her over the head with a pillow she said she was going to call the cops so I grabbed her phone and through it. It happened to hit the window breaking it. Finally I just left and laid in my car tell it was time to go to work.
I ended up getting domestic violence and appeared in court thinking this situation was so dumb it’s not worth the courts time. With this being my first offense or appearance in court I was new to it all. From the beginning to the end they throw info at you so fast it’s impossible to understand anything 100%. I appeared in front of the judge and thought cause they were dropping the assault charge a class b misdemeanor to a class c (disorderly conduct) and the criminal mischief a class b (over breaking my property) nothing was to serious. Come to find out 1000 dollars in fines anger management classes and probation for 12 months ALONG WITH I AM NOT ALLOWED TO OWN OR SHOOT A FIREARM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! a citizen of this country one who fought and put my life on the line for this country.
The court system pushing you through like cattle (ya they ask do you understand this do you understand that) the pressure of everything is so routine to the judge he reads and talks so fast, but you don’t dare question or say you don’t understand because who knows HOW the judge will take it (making the situation worse cause he can) you agree.
I have honor and pride so when the judge says are you guilty of the charge of hitting your wife with a pillow and breaking the window I say yes I’m guilty cause I did do that, but how do I deserve what I was given? How am I a criminal? I fought for the constitution the right to bare arms and they take it from me and add fines? You tell me how that is justice? THIS COUNTRY IS WEAK AND A FLAWED JUSTICE SYSTEM? ( give this country the ultimate sacrifice and receive nothing in return.) even if you haven’t served this country and you receive such ridiculous consequences for the action I’m sorry yours and my taxes and now more pay for such crap.
User story by Derrick in Utah

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  1. RJ says:

    The Lautenberg amendment is what is holding you back. You need to follow up with your congressman to push this Fresh start bill thru the senate. Read on line. It will automatically expunge class D offenses and give you a clean slate if this is a US crime. I agree, you served your country with honor and that should count for more. Good luck my friend and don’t stop until you can clear yourself. We need sweeping change in the Federal Judicial system for class D and misdemeanor offenses. I know how you feel

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