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I was separated from my wife for 8 months back in 2004, when she shows up at my door on a Saturday and basically barges in when I answer the door because she saw a girl in my apartment (divorce papers already filed) she attacks the girl, I had to pry her off. She’s was just swinging and flailing her arms around everywhere. She broke a very expensive statue before I finally dragged her out of my apartment. I shut the door and she banged and kicked for several minutes before finally leaving in my car and leaving hers there (still had her key copy). I let the situation calm down by not going to get my car right away. I waited ’til Monday and showed up at her house to get my car, which she parked in the garage and parked her car in front of it. By the way this is a house that I bought for my family before I left. 2200 sq ft two story home. I had given her a check for 43K….. Very noble right?…. Well I rang the door bell and she came to the door, opened it with the home phone in her hand and she locked the door behind her, after several minutes of pointless arguing I asked her to open the garage door so that I could get my car. That wasn’t gonna happen so I tried to take the keys out of her hand ( that was the battery charge) I went in to open the garage door ( burglary of an occupied dwelling charge) since I never lived there. She called the police which arrested me on the spot and took pictures of the bruises on her arm that she got when she was actually guilty of battery herself against my girlfriend when she barged into my apartment 2 days before. I ended up pleading no contest and I had a lawyer that didn’t advise me against it, I had a company at the time and wanted to be done with it and not go to trial, which was a no brainier to go to trial since my then wife wasn’t pressing charges and felt guilty after she realized what she had done was make things worse. Since 2008 It has been impossible to get a good job because of my background, this has basically stained my accomplishments and my Engineering degree? Every good job that I have landed gets rescinded after the background check comes back. I had no idea that pleading no contest to a charge that should’ve been dropped would ruin my life. I have since spoken to my lawyer 2 years ago and he told me that for $2500 more he can attempt to reopen the case but isn’t making me any promises. Really?

User story by Wil in Volusia County Florida

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