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In 1997 I was wrongfully accused of sexual molestation.  My wife’s son and his family came to live with us because they had no other place to go. His wife who was pregnant, her 10 year old daughter who had been sexually active and raped in NJ a little earlier before they came here to my home and 2 children who both had cerival palsey.

I had a problem with my wife’s son not working or even looking for work and we had words almost everyday, while my wife was gone to work. I am legally blind and cannot work, but I resented him and he resented me. He, his wife and the 10 year old decided to get rid of me by accusing me of sexual molestation. I was taken to jail and they did dna on the girl and myself, although they say that they don’t have any dna. After about 2 months in jail, they let me out for $100.00 and put me on 3 years probation.  I was talked into a plea and the attorney promised that he would expunge my record after the probation period was over.  It never happened.

After the Megan’s law, an officer came to my home left me a note to come over to the sheriff’s office and sign up as a sex offender. My picture is all over and every 3 months I have to go over to the sheriff’s office and acknowledge that I am a sex offender.  In the meantime, I hired an attorney back in 2006 for sum of $3500.00.  My wife spoke to them and asked them to do the right thing and tell the truth.  The girl who is now a young lady and lives in NJ wrote and statement and had it notarized and the mother made a statement telling the truth that I had never put my hands on her.  The attorney played around for over 3 years, everytime the date was scheduled something came up and he could not get her to come to Florida. Finally, my wife made the trip to NJ in the car and picked her up and bought her and her mother from Atlanta to Florida to stand before the judge.

The judge said she was tired of this 10 year old case, and she said the records of the doctor proved that the girl had been touched. And she said to the girl until you can give me a name, I would not be exonerated.  My attorney did not cross examine or anything on my behalf.  He told me that the doctor on the documents is a doctor that will write whatever he is told to write.  He told me to give it 2 more years and there will be a new judge in my county.

I am exhausted financially and since then my wife has lost her job. I know that I am innocent and I want to get on with my life. This has taken my pride and self-esteem away.  I sincerely need help

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