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I was taught from an early age to tell the truth when questioned by authority. These are the principles I live by. However, the truth will set me free from this world, but not in this world. How could it be that if I tell truth about wronging myself I am punished further? Yet, the liar who is successful in his denial is rewarded. The truth is archived and the lie is discarded. Never mind that the constitution does not state I cannot work in a specific field for example Accounting. Never mind that these are injustices created at a more localized level. Never mind that I’ve spent almost twenty years working towards CPA licensure for the purpose of helping citizens identify the accounting scandals of today. Yet, denied this formalized status for fear of what the liar does daily. Never mind that I am here to help right wrongs of judicial atrophy. How do you think God will treat the man who admits his wrongdoings and is ostracized by society? How do you think God will treat the man who denies his wrongdoings and is rewarded by society? Whom will he show mercy? I’ve never been through a trial proceeding often I’ve admitted guilt within days. Yet, there are many who seek trial proceedings for the purpose of successfully denying their wrong. This does not at all pertain to the wrongly accused, but it does pertain to the wrongly excused.

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