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I’ve made a mistake four years ago that is haunting me. I have an Aggravated Battery charge with Adjudication Withheld. Although I have not been convicted of the crime and still have my civil rights, employers will not look past it. I have a wife and son who looks to me as a provider for them. My wife had to carry that burden for the last 5 years as a provider. I could not find anyone willing to hire me, not even in construction, at least not without experience.
I am staying positive and on the right path in life. I haven’t gotten in trouble since my first charge and I do not intend on getting in trouble again. All I want to do is be able to have a life again as well as a job. I want to feel confident again that I can be a provider for my wife and son. I hope people find it in their hearts to help those with a background who does want to be rehabilitated back into society. I hope you understand that there are some of us who want a second chance at life again.
I have grown out of the childish mind I once had. I am taking life serious even with the obstacles holding me back. I turn to God for help every night and I hope one day his blessings come true. So, please state of Florida, you know the feeling of trying to provide for your family. The background I have it has gotten taken away from me, but I want that second chance and opportunity once more. I would do anything just to have that again in my life. Thanks for listening.
– Respectfully, 
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