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my wife of 23 years left and went to Tennessee with my 9 year old son , my other son was 15 and he would not go. she was doing the neighbors and in front of me so i shot their car. i went from being a staff sergeant in the usaf with a top security clearance to a non citizen for the rest of my life. i didn’t hurt anyone. i payed for the car and i more than payed for the stupid thing i did and i am still paying. i worked at uss for 17 years till they found out about it and canned me. i did lie to USS; but i really needed a job , maybe if i had told the truth they may would have hired me anyway but i was in dire need of a job so we do what we have to do. now i am older and on disability , i guess i got what i deserve, at 63 i am pretty much done so there you have it, i don’t want to die with this on my record.

User story by alan h cook in Indiana

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