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hi, in az here, i got on drugs and was arrested for 6 months, i lost my 2 daughters, i ended up in jail with five (5) felonies for theft of means of transportation and burglary tools,i got out of jail from a value options case mgr, because my ex broke my arm and ribs,(while on drugs) so my therapist helped me get out! i got out on 5 yrs INTENSE PROBATION, COMPLETED IT,RESTITUTION, AND GOT MY GIRLS BACK!! i went through courts and judges,cps,value options,meetings 3 times a day., and 1 year in house drug treatment.i fought for the five years and totally completed it all, i was working at a telemarketing job for 6 or 7 years, when my father got sick, lung cancer, i quit my job to take care of him, he passed away in 2008, i then got my FINGERPRINT CARD FIGHTING WITH STATE OF AZ TO GET IT TO WORK IN A NURSING FACILITY.AND HOMES FOR ELDERLY,LOVED DOING IT, I DID SO FOR ABOUT 3 YEARS,THEN I ENDED UP GETTING INTO COURIER JOB, I STILL AM, AT FOR ALMOST 1 YR NOW. AND MAY LOSE MY JOB BECAUSE OF FELONIES, ITS BEEN 11 YRS NOW.I LOVE MY JOB.. I AM INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, CONTRACTED THROUGH (LABS,) I DRIVE 3 AND 1/2 HOURS TO MY LOCATION, AND BACK SO MY DRIVE IS 7 HRS  , M-F BASIS, I  had 2 charges vacated and dismissed, but had to wait for the other two yrs to do the rest,but have been busy, didnt think it really helped anyways, and thought i have a GREAT JOB NOW,. but prisons are making us get background checks,through who we are contracted through, to see if we are able to go there to pick up from them, and i only call them and they bring out to me, i only drive on property, i dont go in, ITS NOT FAIR I MAY LOSE MY JOB TUESDAY 7/30/2013 BECAUSE OF THIS,PLEASE I HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE AROUND FOR THE BETTER, MY GIRLS ARE 17,27 STILL WITH ME.

User story by WENDY S. in Arizona

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