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In 1975, when I was 22, I was arrested for selling encyclopedia’s door to door.  I paid a $25 fine and received a class C misdemeanor for peddling and pandering, which sounds like I was some sort of frickin male prostitute.  Despite having nothing else on my record, I am still forced to disclose this conviction when completing job applications that ask if I have ever been convicted.  I know I have lost jobs on account of this.  And there is nothing I can do. The governor won’t consider pardons for class C misdemeanors and it cannot be expunged or sealed.  These CRAZY laws need to CHANGE or there needs to be protection from employer discrimination at some point.  This stupid misdemeanor has had a very real impact on my daily life even 30 years after it was committed.

– TJ

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  1. Chase D says:

    My counselor recommended this blog and she was totally right. Thank you for the information. I would like to see more information about finding a job with a record.

  2. David says:

    a class c misdeamenor for public intoxication from 1987 is causing me problems with getting hired. Wow someone with a clear record since 1987 can’t be forgiven for an incident 25 years ago.

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