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Unfortunately what happened to me as happened to many people I know.  We are not criminals in anyway whatsoever.  Arrested for Lewd Conduct, this is when a police officer pretends to be gay and tries to entrap another gay male into responding to his advances.  Offer nothing ever happens as in my case and I was able to prove it but the Judge would not look at the evidence.  This is just a way to keep down a group of people.  I had a position as a Vice president of a company for more than 15 years,  I had a friend who was a Principal and another who was a nurse and now we cannot work.  Some of us now just live on disability.  For anyone who may be reading this my question is.  Is this where you want your tax dollars going paying for police to entrap, people who are intelligent and are able to work not being able to and your tax dollars going to pay the courts for frivolous charges.

Anyone who has been charged with lewd conduct should have there record totally purged and destroyed.  Unfortunately this cannot happen.  An Expungement only show dismissal and the public may view your record at any time showing the original charge.  Expungement is essentially useless.

User story by Thomas in California

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  1. Mathew Higbee, Esq says:

    In many cases, the benefit of expungement in California is diminished by the fact that the Department of Justice will still show show the case where the conviction was expunged on a LiveScan. We are hoping that California will update its laws. We will keep you informed of any changes or steps you can take to make positive change in this area of law.

    • Thomas says:

      Hello Mathew,

      So has anything changed recently regarding purging and destroying a 647(a) charge. I really do not understand how we can allow plain clothes police officers to go out in public while trying to bait gay men into a sex act. Common sense would tell most people these cops are lying, unless the cop actually had sex with the person.

  2. Thomas says:

    It is now 2014 Mathew. I have not seen any changes with Police entrapping gay men. Have you seen any positive changes? Are there any plans to have all arrest records, FBI, fingerprints, mugshots of these individuals who have been entrapped in the future ever destroyed. You and I both know that these people have never broken any laws. I know people who are not ashamed of this arrest like people have been in the past. They share their story with others. I have straight friends who are outraged. This only enforces peoples dislike for police and the entire judicial system.

  3. adam says:

    In my opinion, criminal records of a person should only show for more serious crimes. Not possession of drugs or drunk in public or whatever. The law needs to be changed. This shows me that courts still want to try and suck more money out of you after you have finished serving your sentence or probation. After they get you into court to try and expunge your record, then they can try other crap. I advise ANYONE out there that has a record to stay away from them. Even if you expunge your record it will all still show up to employers and everybody. Start your own business or go to school. Their record crap can not affect your schooling and after you graduate you will have the upper hand in getting a career that you went to school for. Courts and the majority of cops are scam artists!

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      While we agree that laws around the nation should be changed to allow individuals, especially those with lower level offenses, to move forward with their lives and not have their records haunt them years after the fact, there are expungement laws that do provide the relief that people need.

      It is true that in CA many people will still be able to see the case and it will show as dismissed pursuant to PC 1203.4; however, just having the conviction removed from the record is extremely beneficial for many people. The fact that the case is no longer a conviction means it may not show up on many commercial level background checks in which the potential employer or landlord is only looking for conviction data.

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