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I had a very strict mother who didnt allow me to do much until I was 18.  So at 19 and 20 I was doing things others had done in their early teens.  My sister dared me one day to shoplift saying I didnt have the guts, called me a goody two shoes “always doing the right thing”.  I got very upset and decided to do it to prove her wrong.  I might have been 20 but I was very naive and stupid at the time.  I have since grown up and never stolen since.  I would never even think of doing anything like that again.  I am now raising my children making sure they know that for every action there are consequences.  I am having a very hard time getting employment due to my record, no one seems to even consider the fact that it has been over 20 years since the conviction and that people can change.

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  1. adidas3590 says:

    Check your state laws for a petition to expunge or seal your conviction. In each state you can have up to a certain amount of convictions on your record to be able to get it expunged. In my state of NJ, you can have up to 3, which is one over my record. I also have a shoplifting charge on my record from 6 years ago and have trouble finding a job as well. It’s funny how they put criminals on probation which requires employment when no one wants to hire someone with convictions and then it’s a surprise when they end up in jail for failure to comply. It seems like this is the problem with anyone with convictions regardless of how long ago it was. I think the public defenders sometimes work hand in hand with the judges, as the lawyer told me it was not a criminal offense but apparently it is if I can’t get a job. Unfortunately, this is the way of the world until we do something about it. If I were rich my record would be immaculate, but its the uninformed and low/middle classes that are the victims of this fate.

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