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A gal in our small mountain town was busted for running a crack house, she had done this for year.  She was charged with 5 felonies.  the state police offered her clearance of crime for set up and take down of other criminals in town.  She had been friends with me for years and I moved away for 10 years than came back to this town.  I was unaware of her depth of criminal activity in this community.  I am currently disabled and was receiving percocet for pain for a smashed neck and herniated discs in spinal.  One day she began calling me wanting me to sell her some of my controlled meds.  I said no and avoided her calls for days although she was blowing up my phone and finally came on facebook cussing me to answer my f’n phone.  Eventually she showed up on my doorstep.  I told her no I have nothing for sale she cooerced me to call a friend who may sell hers.  I did.  She asked me to come with her to make the deal, 5 hydrocodone for 50 /once down to car, she insisted on takeing mine saying hers had problems.  Apparently while I returned to apartment to get keys, a GPS was attached to my car, she was also wired with surveilance.  We drove to house in question and this person sold her the pills.  I asked if I could have one for my pain and was given one.  8 months later indictment was served, I was arrested and jailed for criminal sales and possession of controlled substance 3rd. Class B felony.  retained public defender. told the judge gets madder the more he sees you and offered a deal for one felony. SALes of course.  kept saying I did not sell, but was told by accepting a pill, it is considered payment in new york.  I had never been in trouble before.  Long story short, given 5 years probation.  Went up in headlines in local paper which told this same story I just told you.  I am 52 and have anxiety and am currently disabled after serving my community as a nurse for 20 years and volunteering to help organizations for the less advantaged.  Wanted to return to work as a nurse. Reality is a felon will never be hired as a nurse.  I now will draw off the system for the rest of my life.

Feeling entrapped.  I also was made to pay the restitution, even though I never accepted any money.  People in town will never look at me the same.  Wish I could do something to at least help me to get HUD housing on my social security check, but now I cannot and have 3 thousand in fines to pay as well.  My drivers license was taken also for 6 months.  Restricted license cannot be used to attend outpatient rehab either.  Many health problems.  Spent my life helping others and now when I need help it is to no avail.  I am attending opiate rehab, difficult as it with local bus schedules.  sometimes 8 hours to attend class for one hour is in order to get it done.  Huge pittting edematous legs and heart failure along with many other disease processes.  This is so challenging, even more than a bachelors in nursing.  i can take a challenge and will struggle to make good of this!!  Wish society was not so quick to throw me away.  That one pill is a greater crime than rape and genital mutilation in the great state of new york.  i could have got 9 years in prison, if I did not accept the plea.  Sometimes the depression is too great.  My smile has gone away and I refuse to have friends any more so I isolate and attend rehab.  Welcome to my nightmare.

User story by Nurse Renee in New York

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