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I am a recovering drug addict. I began using at 7 and was arrested and got clean at 35. I used drugs for most of my life. I was convicted of possession of a controlled substance. I served 5 years probation and have never been in trouble again. I have dedicated my life to helping other addicts. I just celebrated 12 years in recovery, I have a wonderful life. I am my mother’s only child. Despite all of the changes I have made, despite serving my time and working towards a new and better life – I cannot serve as the executor of my mothers will. I cannot even apply for the restoration of my civil rights and plead my case. ┬áThat sounds the craziest really, I cannot even APPLY for the restoration of my civil rights. I am not suggesting that having my rights restored should be automatic. I am simply asking the question, why do we consider possession of drugs equal in some way to violence against another person? How can drug addiction and murder really be the same? Surely, we have learned enough about drug addiction and drinking and driving for those 2 crimes to be more comparable than drugs and murder. It seems that I could have been convicted of multiple DWI’s and never even reached a felony conviction level. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance – an opportunity to prove that they have changed. Everyone deserves to know that if they are able to change their lives to turn it all around that they have a chance at the same life everyone else does, including the honor and the privilege of serving as the executor of their parents will should the parent so desire.

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