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I was emotionally unstable and commited an act of violence during an argument with my then fiancee. I have never before nor have I ever since been a violent individual. But, as we all do I made a mistake! I allowed an emotionally charged argument to control my physical reactions and as a result I took the necessary steps to correct my behavior and to try and clear my arrest record. BUT, I am unable to remove this embarrassing action. SO as a punishment I am unable to find a respectable job even though I am educated with a Civil Engineering degree from a highly reputable university in Florida. I struggle every day as a laborer but ultimately will not be able to live up to my potential until the laws are changed and I am able to clear my record. Employers will not open their doors to a potential liability and that is what my record falsly reflects upon me. It is very dissappointing that our system is set up in a way that prohibts individual growth. My then fiancee and now wife has forgiven me and trusts me with her safety, so why does the state feel it necessary to tarnish my name? Exceptions should be made available!

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