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I was convicted for a weapons charge because of the medication Chantix, the quit smoking medication. I began the Chantix medication shortly before a 3rd back surgery and, as the commercials suggest, one of the side effects IS “suicidal” tendencies AND Depression! Therefore, I DID experience the WHOLE gamete of depression and suicidal tendencies that made me walk down my street, with a loaded 9 mil, while talking with my father on the phone the whole time. I really didn’t “think” I wanted to kill myself but, I had this “temptation” in the back of my mind telling me that I didn’t want to live any more. I “kind of” thought that there was something wrong, but, there was also this “burning desire” inside to “end it”… I did not know, until that medication was out of my system that THAT was what made me want to do it. I had a TERRIBLE lawyer that NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about the Chantix at my trial and therefore I got SLAMMED with the HIGHEST penalty I could get, aside from jail time. My lawyer was about useless and cost me $3000 for virtually nothing! I could have represented myself and probably gotten the same sentencing! Anyway, I NEED to get this off my record and move on, and get a Felony off my record, so I can apply for a weapons permit again and get a gun back! I am an 8 year Navy Vet and I know how to handle and protect a gun. I had been shooting Skeet for YEARS and had, not only my 9Mil, but a “Beautifully Restored” .12Gauge shot gun)! A STUPID Medication and a Bulls**t lawyer cost me my right to own a gun again and I have this Felony on my record! All I want is to have my record cleared and get the ability to have guns again!

User story by Scott W. in Michigan

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