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I’ve been a great guy for many years ago and still am a great guy. I understand I’ve done little damage but never meant to. Every guy and gal has been through a lot of crazy stuff as little ones and some went through things to the extreme but as for me, I was around the wrong people at the wrong time. It happens when the devil tells you things to do. Ever since I been waking up thinking about some of the crazy stuff I’ve done, I sometimes cry and shut my bedroom door where I want complete silence. I pray and pray for something or someone to help me clear and get this nonsense out my head and background so that I can continue to do what’s best. I’m a kind gentleman, respect women, and have a good credit report. I’ve learned my lesson to not be around those who’ll do me wrong and I’ve learned to stay away from trouble and to focus on my life the way it should be. I’ve got good knowledge, am good at everything I do and always get customers wanting me around more because I can build just about anything, even sheds and I’m great at working on vehicles. Far most, I’ve been wanting to join the army very badly but this messed up record is pushing me back. I’m a strong individual and have great energy. No lady and no kids, because I want to do something with my life first. I’m 33 and I’m the only child of my mother and I treat my mother right at all times and she’s sick so I have been taking care of her, as well. All I ask for is to have my record clean and cleared so I can move on and achieve the goals that I’ve set.

User story by Antwane H. in Virginia

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