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I as we’ll was ordered to pay 1100 in child support a month, along with 400 a month in alimony. Months before our seperation I had payed for my x to get her degree in accounting, but she refused to go to work. Why? She can collect support and alamony, so why would she want to go to work. Anyway months turned in to years and the next thing I no I was 36 thousand behind. I couldn’t pay what was excepted of me. Constantly she had brought me back to court trying to ruin my life, one of those if she couldn’t have me no-one could. I had moved to induana to live with and work. I moved in with my father because I couldn’t afford it on my own, the next thing I new I had a Warent out for me. Did 3 months , with a release of a Felony? Now I have all rights striped from me. What can I do? I need to an exspongement , if I can? I plan to find a lawyer and am deturmend …… Thank you. Bill

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