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I feel that when you only have (1) felony conviction in the state of Texas that you deserve a second chance.   I was convicted in May of 1997, I feel the timeframe of not being able to expunge it is not fair to me or probably the other thousands of fellow convicts who deserve this who have changed their lives around and are now law abiding citizens of Texas.  By the way, I was convicted of felony theft which is not a violent or sexual offense and I hope and pray every day that a new law would come in the near future that would make it hard for employers to dig in your criminal background if you only have one conviction I feel people deserve a second chance if you only have one conviction because people do change.  Thank you.

User story by David S Montanez in texas

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  1. Darth says:

    This is so true. I’m in the same boat as you. Being 19 when I committed the crime I have been on the right path since. Yet, this has ruined my life and I sadly don’t see this changing for a long time if at all. Theres always hope thouhg.

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