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The current law states that crimes other than summary offenses can not be expunged until after the offender turned 70 years old or has been deceased for more than three years. Deceased for more then three years? A person after death is no threat to society, still has to wait three years to clear their name ? Our laws need to get changed. A person with a low tier DUI that tries to fight their case remains with a conviction on their record. Is this fair to go through the same probation as a person receiving ARD and at the end of their probation they walk free of a conviction? ARD should get removed from the system there are repeat offenders out there and chances are given to them. Same with until 70 years old? Who really wants to hire someone over the age of seventy? People need to work now to help their family. Help their children with school and college. Change the laws and give the people with low tier DUI a second chance. They have paid for their crimes, fines and cost. Went through the embarrassment of the system. Once treated like that if you get caught a second time you deserve to get put in jail!

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