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I moved to florida in January of 2002 to live with my boyfriend and his mother with my then four children . when i got there I knew no one here. but by boyfriend was dealing drugs and I had no knowledge . One day in April I caught a cab to his mothers home and he was not there I got his stepfather to go get him. and not even thirty minutes after the police came and raided the house. I never was arrested before and didn’t know what really to do . the police put us both in the same car and he told me to take the charge or he would go to jail for ten years and since I had no criminal history I would not get in that much trouble. I received withheld of judification but was unable to complete the probation correctly  and had to spend 45 days in the duval county jail as my sentence. Since this time I have been raising my children gotten married and returned to school and received my certified nursing certificate I was during my pre-nursing classes and was planning to go to nursing school but I can gain entry with this felony charge. can anyone help

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