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Hello everyone. my story begins back in 1999. I joined the Marine corps in hopes of finding a better future for myself and my kids. Everything was going fine until one day I was doing drills and things that would turn me into the marine I was supposed to be. Unfortunately one day I woke up with an ache in my right heel. to make a long story short I was in bootcamp with a fractured heelbone. 2 weeks in MRP(Medical reabilitation platoon) and was then sent home to heal… Thats when I made a really stupid move. I let a friend use my garage and he would pay me 1000 dollars a month.. I thought wow.. thats just what I need right now especially since I wasnt working.. so it happened he used and I was curious. he told me he was making drugs and it would only be for a little while.. I didnt like the Idea but I let it happen.. Somewhere along the way I tried those drugs and once I did I was hooked..from then on it was only 6 months until life as I knew it had taken me to the bottom.. I was convicted of two class B dealing charges was sentenced to 50 years with 25 suspended 15 do 7.5… I did 5 years total. during that time I aquired a associate degree , and a Bachelor degree in general studies from Ball State University.. I got out in Feb 06 and have had a very nice job ever since.. I never miss work, they pay very well, I work overtime whenever I can.. I have been there since 07 and now the facts have surfaced. people from my home town have since been hired at this place and I am just waiting and stressing everyday wondering when I will be let go. my past is haunting me and I am not that person that the government says I am.. july 1st 2013 people with D felonies can have a clear record to flurish in life but my one mistake will haunt me forever.. I am not violent I am not a drug dealer I was a user who made a mistake….

User story by Randy in Indiana

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  1. RJ says:

    You mention July 1st 2013. Is there a new law for federal expungement going into affect ? Where you charged Federally or state?

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