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As an older man I relocated to Colorado with a younger woman. A mistake I would soon figure out. She tried to jump out of a moving vehicle I was driving, THREW a newborn baby (our son) at me, ran down the hall to (as she stated) blow all our brains out. As a private Investigator my hand gun was always loaded.  This was hell and just the tip of the ice burg. The cops came to 3 of her episodes. The first time I talked to the officers they told me I MUST break up with my girl friend as one young officer stood staring at her like … well young woman… young cop… whatever, I saw nature and I was the bad guy. I told the officers as they DEMANDED I press charges on her. I refused. They tried to intimidate me with threats of incarceration if I did NOT press charges on her. I told them there is no way in hell I would ever press charges on her. They left after telling me the next time they show up I WOULD be arrested. I told them to do whatever they had to do. They explained to me that “Jefferson County” used the “Arrest anyone Policy” They stated IF they are called someone has to pay for their time, gas, and vehicles they use so therefore someone must go to jail (if called) to pay the bills. I stated whatever. The second time they showed up at her second episode, they told me again IF I do not press charges they was going to arrest me. Again I stated whatever, I’m NOT pressing charges on her. (Keep in mind I’m X Military police and have been security / law minded since 1976). I knew they was talking trash and explained to my girlfriend DON’T tell them anything they are trying to take one of us to jail. Apparently the officers forced my kids’ mother ( my girlfriend) into the bathroom to search her for injuries during the  3rd episode.

I was naked with a towel around myself and noticed She was very frustrated about something. She was cooking dinner and an argument started. This (long story short) lead to her picking up a naked baby and running out the door screaming so loud and long it nearly stopped my heart. I knew she was going to attempt to have me arrested and panicked. I threw my pants on, grabbed the rest of my clothes and shoes and ran out to my van to get out of there. (I panicked due to other details never mentioned to date) I drove to the first parking lot I found which was a bar, I’ve never been at before. I got dressed in the parking lot and went inside hoping she would calm down.
I drank a half of beer and went home to find the cops waiting for me. Apparently when I ran I locked the door so she took a screaming baby to her job (Wendy’s). Her manager was upset about the scene. She exaggerated the situation by calling her husband whom was A COP. He called his friends the arresting cops and I was instantly turned into a criminal (without being heard). I was finger printed by several people at the same  finger printing station. There was approximately 3 different finger printing stations and they all got to use me as practice. I got the distinct feeling I was a live lesson for new Correctional officers. After taking turns with me they stripped me naked and searched me…. I know the routine well I did this Job in Vermilion county at the PSB sheriffs jail where I myself was a correctional officer in 1978. I went before a judge and he stated to release me O.R. For some reason they refused to release me. I went before the judge a second time and he AGAIN stated to release me O.R. Once again they refused. I went before a judge the 3rd time (Monday morning) and was told Jefferson County Colorado DOES utilize the arrest anyone policy. I was forced to plead guilty by a stand-in prosecuting attorney. He explained: It’s a misdemeanor no different than a traffic ticket,  it will never affect your life in any way. My past told me B.S. he’s setting me up. The public defender was sitting at our table in court where we talked in a panic, panic environment of over a hundred cases inside the same room. I looked at the public defender and asked; “Aren’t you going to help me”? The skinny young long-haired lawyer stated: “I can’t help you.” Apparently the same system that is prosecuting you ALSO determines you have enough money for a lawyer and therefore they WILL NOT supply one. This left me defenseless. I went along with it to get out of jail but they STILL wouldn’t let me out until approximately midnight. Dirty, unshaven, messed up hair and starving, you’ll say anything. I figured I’d just wait and approach the situation on my terms (NOT in JAIL) No one would listen. I personally asked the arresting officer if he would go in my apartment to take my handgun (before taking me away) so she wouldn’t shoot herself or our newborn son. They labeled my gun value at ONE DOLLAR. It was a brand new Rugar 9mm nickel-plated. This was close to a $800.00 hand gun. I called the FBI (where all phone calls lead me to) The FBI told me on the phone they destroy all guns within 24 hours of receiving them. I wrote and made several phone calls until ONE JUDGE granted me the motion to “Remove my guilty plea.”
I explained to the judge I WAS coerced into pleading guilty just to get out as they promised but didn’t fulfill as they stated until I was in approximately 54 hrs. The judge heard my statement and the District attorney whom was on a golfing expedition when I was being prosecuted. The guy was letting his under study’s prosecute… he wasn’t even their but yet after hearing my statement he stood up and stated: “Objection your honor we wouldn’t do that”. Like that his liar liar pants on fire defense. It was good enough for the judge he simply stated, “it looks like you are innocent why did you say guilty?” I explained I was forced to with the threat I would NOT be released if I didn’t say guilty. The judge said you should not have said guilty.  He stood up and walked out of a full court room. The stenographer was laughing and told me to leave. I walked out to the hall and stood there about 30 seconds with shock at what just happened. I went back in and the judge was handling other cases. He simply left without casting judgment. just an opinion. I was logged into intervention of which they are addicted to that money.

The kicker: when I first moved to Colorado several people told me to get out of Jefferson County they are stealing guns. Since I was the “Good guy” I figured anyone whom got their gun taken away MUST BE a criminal. Then it happened to me.  I’ve been a night Club DJ in approximately  30 – 40 night clubs bars and taverns since 1978 coast to coast. My Military police / detective training put me in security situations from time to time, AND I ran for mayor of Danville, Il 61832 AND U.S. Congress Dist. 8 Indiana. I didn’t know (along the way) I was charged with a felony which meant I could no longer work in bars, clubs, or taverns. NO Security agency would touch me, and Unless my research was wrong I can’t legally run for ANY governmental office INCLUDING dog catcher. I was a Military police dog handler. Unless my research was wrong the only two offices I could run for was: U.S. Congress and President of the United States. (I could be wrong)

At this time 3/28/2014 The FBI refuses to give me a F.O.I.D. card needed to purchase a gun, or ammunition.

I personally believe the Jefferson County court house has prosecuted hundreds if not thousands of innocent people. They just built a brand new prison and court house. “Bar Talk” with a professional basketball player (not revealed for his privacy) He stated He and other pro ball players were looking for investments in case they get injured while playing. He stated all the fast food restaurants and other motives of business had the Jefferson County Court house among the list of potential businesses. He further stated a group of them tried to purchase the NEW PRISON and COURT HOUSE, but was informed the Judges residing within already bought it which is why you make your check out to the “Combined clerks” of Jefferson County court house.

When I ran for congress they wrote a horrible story about myself as I explain now. I left the state after Intervention allowed me to leave from fear of this county’s abusive use of sovereignty. I’d like to return after 15 years but am afraid of the liars whom create crime for the money.  This rabbit hole goes much deeper.

I was ordered to PAY for a copy of the transcript of the day I was forced to plea guilty. The statement the judge made (in front of a hundred plus people) “Yes we have the arrest anyone policy” wasn’t in the transcript. I personally talked to the stenographer to ask why she left that statement out. She claimed she did not hear him say it.
When talking to other police agencies NOT in Jefferson county (example: Denver Police) The other police agencies stated YES they know about the policy but don’t need to arrest innocent people because they have actual crime to pay the bills. At that time’s research I discovered the policy to be in 11 states and advised it’s growing like wildfire across America.

Intervention advised all of us within their program that, Probation was changed to Intervention and sold to ONE MAN whom changed it to BIinc. I typed into my search engine Intervention/biinc and it took me straight to NASDAQ. This ONE man was the owner of ankle bracelets and responsible for building empty prisons all over the country. This all reminded me of a “60”s phrase: “Cops are a tool of the rich mans rule”. From my personal opinion I thought I discovered corruption at the deepest level which MUST go all the way to the top of political offices.

Bottom line… I went to jail because I refused to press charges on my Girlfriend- the mother of my two sons now. She isn’t very bright and easily controlled with suggestion. I have a criminal record over a verbal argument. My gun was stolen and I’m betting an agent or cop owns my gun right now. Nice little throw away for those of you whom understand that language. I still have the serial number.

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