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I have never threaten anyone there was 110 complaints by one family and in June 26 2006 I was sitting on my deck minding my own business at 10:00 at night just relaxing and she came home she told Me that the just came home from vacation we do not want to see your face out here they called the police of Glenolden And so I called also The District Justice said I was stalking I went ballistic a woman told the district Justice I Had just got done polishing my nails I was put on house arrest for three months and was provoked by them at 410 I was incarcerated for 1 year I said that in court Media The Chief of police Donahue wanted to keep me in jail for 5 years for stalking them I had no time to stalk anyone I went to aerobics in Havertown called Jazzercise I had no time to stalk anyone my husband is a Viet Nam Vet and had back surgery from an injury at work and Viet Nam I did everything for him I was 49 at that time.

User story by Deborah Powell in Pennsylvania

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