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Some time ago (2000) I made a bad mistake at a bar and had 3 XTC pills and 2 small bags of cocaine on me. They were in separate bags so I was charged with possession and manufacturing of a controlled substance. I was in the wrong and was charged and did a year in TDC and spent 2 years on parole. It was a mistake I made and I owned up to it and did my time and every since getting out I’ve stayed away from anything that would possibly get me into trouble and pretty much lead a normal life away from being self destructive. This record has followed me and haunted me and very much limited my search for employment whenever I go to look. I was fortunate enough to find a business and career that I am very good at and very talented at, however some of the employers look at the record and it limits me to the places I can work and use my skill. I love the business I’m in and although I did indeed do my crime I have lived a great life ever since then. I understand not everyone is the same, but I feel that it should at least be allowed that after serving your sentence (depending on the crime) that you should be able to after a period of time of not getting into trouble and staying gainfully employed and being a productive citizen you should be allowed to go through whatever steps required to be able to expunge or seal your record. Its a very small thing to those that don’t have to do it but for the first time in years I applied for a position the other day and I didn’t have to check the “yes” box to being convicted of a felony and the only reason was because they asked if you had been convicted within the past 7 years and mine was 13 years ago. That was a good feeling to me for a change, unfortunately most employers I’ve run into ask if you “EVER” been convicted and I cringe every time I see that on an application. I’m not saying if you are a murder or child molester or violent offender you should be able to “lay low” for a couple of years and nobody knows any better. I am saying if you are a nonviolent offender and have since been productive and law abiding citizen, then you should be able to pay whatever fee, apply through whatever courts and whatever process needed to basically gain your life back again.


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  1. Benjamin M. C. says:

    I was caught with quarter pound of pot in 1993.Also at my girlfriends house, not my residence at the time they found another 2 ounces that was mine and not hers. She worked at the hospital so I claimed the pot since she did not smoke and the pot was mine. Also in my truck was my deer rifle behind the seat. I would never shoot another person even if my life was threaten. The Drug squad and ATF,which were both friends of mine, had me cornered in the office and made me sign a paper without reading it and without an attorney. They said it was so I could one day get my gun rights back after doing my sentence.This was my first offense but in two counties since I claimed my girlfriends felony. They said once I claimed her felony in court and finished my 4 months in a detention center plus my probation 5 years clean I could be eligible for restoration of my rights.I’ve been pardoned,but can’t get my gun rights back because my lawyer did not try me as first offender. I did not even know about first offender act. Can you please help me.

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hello Benjamin, if you post more information, including which state your case was in and which state you currently live in, we may be able to better assist. However, if you have already had the convictions pardoned and the pardon does not allow you to regain your firearm rights, it may be possible that there is nothing further you can do, but if you provide the additional information we will have a better idea of your options. Thank you.

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