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I was convicted of Domestic violence. The night before I had told my now EX that I was fileing for divorice. The next day I came down stairs and she kicked me in the balls and started clawing at me so I slapped her, pushed her off me and walked away . She called the police and I was arrested charged and convicted.The judge asked if I was afraid and I said no just protecting myself. After my bench trial I talked to the judge in private and he told me that if I would have said I was afraid he would have found me not guilty. I have no faith in the legal system of this country. There are people that should be convicted and their life turned upside down for DV but I belive most convictions are made in a atempt for a wife to get the upper hand in a divorice and to keep federally funded abuse industry funded. If so many people where not arrested and convicted on just hear say then there would be a lot of people out of a job. There should be proof before a arrest is made just like in any other crime.Imagine all the people convicted that should not have been and how there lifes, childrens lifes and even the alledged abuseds lifes are ruined. It ruined mine for a few years but back on top now.My EX, the alledged abused is now working a shitty job, poor, collecting food stamps,unhappy and begging to get back together. Never gonna happen! I had a restaining order from seeing my kids for 2 years .I now have full custody of our 12yr old twin girls. The same judge changed custody and gave me full custody after reolizing she is the unfit parent. Crazy how this should have all come out in the first place but due to my conviction she was awarded custody. This judge told me in private that its not who tells the truth but who lies the best.Its all about the money thats generated for the abuse industry and nothing to do with the truth in most cases. I lose my gun rights but my EX who is a cocaine addict can go out and buy one?

User story by boxerdog in Indiana

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