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I was arrested in February 2009 and placed on 2 years deferred adjudication for a felony in June 2009. I successfully completed everything the judge requested me to do and was released from probation 2 months early in April of 2011.

I work through a temporary agency at the company that I’m still with. My manager and her manager are fully aware of my criminal issues. I was told that because it will show up on a background check, they aren’t allowed to hire me as a full time employee but that I can work through the staffing agency as long as I need to until I can get my record sealed.
There is so much potential for me to move up in the company, receive full benefits for myself and my children, get a raise to gain financial security but because I made a bad decision one time in my life, I’m on hold until I can get this sealed. 5 years is a long time to wait. I feel like, as a first time offender, never been arrested or in any trouble before, that I should have the option after a year or maybe 2 years to get a non-disclosure for my case.
User story by Andrea in Texas

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  1. Robin says:

    Try 37yrs. Still can’t teach, take a census, work with elderly or children…ie. physical therapy, hospitals or other jobs that have contact with vulnerable populations. There is something very wrong that in the U.S. there is no room for rehabilitation, or forgiveness. I was arrested and convicted of a possession charge back in the day. Today…it’s legal.

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