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My name is Kimberly and I have three children. Recently I have been applying for clerical jobs, since this is the field I am experienced in. Once an employee seeing that I have a Disorderly Conduct Conviction from 2009 on my record I am no longer qualified for the job. I have had employers offer me a job, give me a start date and then call me back to say we just got your background back and cannot give you the job because of it. Even though I am fully qualified as far as Education in my field of work, I am still being judged mainly for my criminal record. I went to go get it expunged and was told. My 2009, Disorderly Conduct Conviction could not be Expunged. WOW, really, I cant get my Misdemeanor, Disorderly Conduct, that I got 5 years ago when I was arguing with someone. Its not a violent crime and Im being treated like a criminal. I need to be able to provide for my 3 children and I cannot do this on a minimum wage salary. If that’s the case I might as well get on social service because I can get a job I qualify for and that will pay me enough to support us. All because I cant get my Disorderly Conduct expunged from my record. This law should change because people sometimes do stupid stuff and we shouldn’t have to be punished for it like we are criminal or bad people. We deserve a second chance and we deserve to right at least some of our wrongs especially we it can benefit our selves and our families. Thank You

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