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I started to drive semi in 1987 had fail to exercise Due care or control the company I drove for Star Bulk they had poor maintenance tractor and trailer had 3 working brakes they had poor maintenance record I was very inexperienced their trucks were junk I never had to put on brakes till I hit the buss which started my hole mess I was never to trust any one on maintenance again speeding tickets I understand I have not hit any vehicle after that a odyssey van hit my landing gear on trailer was speeding had a women in van hit faster than 55 miles per hour bent trailer on step deck trailer he either wasn’t paying attention or his visibility was poor in his eyes I have had bad luck back in 1987 I am not bad driver only way I can get enough money to pay bills can you help I have part time job after I purchased a snow plow  and after winter I have nothing I have been driving since I was 16 years old cars trucks is all I know I would like to go to Canada to had 2 DWI in beginning before I was married before 1979 please help me I can not make my payments on any thing I am ready to file bankruptcy but I still won’t have retirement money we are trying to survive on 1,800.00 per month not working

User story by Rudolph Carl Mathiowetz in New York

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