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I was convicted of an nsf charge of 17.50 in 1990, then in 1992 money was missing from our agency and I told my employer and he had me charged with embezzelment over 200 but less than 1000.  That charge was dropped down to larceny under 100.  Because he fired me and evicted me from home I was renting from him, I was advised to plead no contest and have this charged expunged from my record.  I wasn’t able to fight this charge as I had no income and single mother of 10 yr. old that is why I pleaded no contest.  So all these years I had thought this was expunged from my record and now after applying for an insurance license(which I was already approved and held in 06) they denied me of my license because these charges appeared.  Now I am trying to have the nsf dismissed from my record and once that is dismissed then I can go for setting aside the larceny.  Well guess what.  No one seems to want to help me and I have no ideal how to do myself.  This is just so crazy.  I have never been charged with another crime since 1992 and it is so devastating because I can’t get this cleared from my record.  It has hurt me financially and mentally.  What do you do?  What gets me is nsf checks are no longer considered criminal as they are now civil matters and it still doesn’t help me.  Any advise out there?

User story by Teri in Michigan

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