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Sealing Washington Criminal Records

If you were arrested or charged with an offense and not convicted in Washington , you may be eligible to have your Washington criminal record sealed. While the record might not have any convictions, an arrest record can be potentially embarrassing and lead to unfair treatment when it comes to applying for a job, traveling, or applying for housing.

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Tell employers that you have not been convicted of a crime Become eligible for student loans Become eligible for housing assistance Become eligible for more types of professional licenses and certificates Tell friends and family that you have not been […]


10.97.060–Deletion of certain information, conditions. Criminal history record information which consists of nonconviction data only shall be subject to deletion from criminal justice agency files which are available and generally searched for the purpose of responding to inquiries concerning the […]


In order to seal your criminal record in Washington, you must fulfill the following requirements: You must not have been convicted of the charge. If charges were formally filed, must wait two years since the dismissal. Proceedings must not be […]

Need a background check?

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