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Washington has many remedies for those seeking to clear their criminal past. Washington offers vacating a conviction and record sealing (expungement). Vacating a record in Washington takes the conviction off of the record and gives someone the right to say they do not have a criminal record; however, the records of a case without a finding of guilt remains. Having a record sealed, which can be done after vacating a criminal conviction or for an arrest that did not lead to a conviction, seals the records so only the judge or an authorized court personnel can view them. Record sealing is a good option if for cases that did not end in a diversion or conviction; it is extremely difficult for cases that led to a conviction.

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Obtaining Your Criminal Record in Washington

Record Sealing in Washington

Washington record sealing law (RCW) Chapter 10.97.060 allows people who were arrested, but not convicted, to petition the court to seal the non-conviction data (criminal history that has not led to a conviction, such as arrest and court records). This […]

Sealing Washington Criminal Records

If you were arrested or charged with an offense and not convicted in Washington , you may be eligible to have your Washington criminal record sealed. While the record might not have any convictions, an arrest record can be potentially […]

Restoration of Washington Firearms

If you were convicted of a crime in Washington state, you may have lost your right to own a gun. However, you may qualify to have your gun rights restored. Obtaining an order restoring firearm rights typically takes about 8 […]

Sealing Washington Juvenile Convictions

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) allows individuals to have their juvenile criminal records sealed. If you were convicted of a crime in Washington as a juvenile, you may have a record that is open to public view. Because juvenile […]

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