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Ohio does not offer expungement. Instead, Ohio allows for the sealing of arrests, misdemeanor and felony convictions. Upon expungement, the criminal records are sealed from public view, and will only be available to a few select organizations (i.e. the government). Juvenile record sealing is also available in Ohio. For the most part, you must wait one to three (1-3) years after your conviction in order to apply for record sealing. There are also certain crimes that will not qualify for record sealing–ask a qualified attorney if your record is eligible to be sealed.

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Ohio Juvenile Record Sealing

In juvenile court, sealing a record and expunging a record are two different processes.When a record is sealed in juvenile court, the records are moved to a separate file, similar to the process for sealing adult records. Expunging a juvenile […]

Ohio Record Sealing

In certain states, expungement is offered, which completely destroys a criminal record, as if it never existed  In the state of Ohio, expungement is not offered.  Instead, Ohio does record sealing, which is very similar to expungement.  When a record […]

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