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Michigan » Michigan Eligibility Requirements for Record Clearing

You are eligible for expungement in Minnesota, as long as your conviction doesn’t fall under any of the following categories:

  • a conviction of a felony or an attempted felony punishable by life imprisonment
  • a violation or attempted violation of criminal sexual conduct
  • a traffic offense

You cannot apply if you’ve had more than one conviction for any offense. In total, you may have only one conviction set aside.

A person who has been convicted of a nontraffic offense that is reported to the Secretary of State may apply to have the conviction set aside, but if the application is granted, the court cannot order the removal of the offense from the Secretary of State’s records.

A person may apply to have a conviction set aside when five (5) years have passed since the date he or she was sentenced for the conviction, as long as he or she was not imprisoned. If the person was imprisoned, he or she may apply to have the conviction set aside when five (5) years have passed since being released from the term of imprisonment for that conviction. provides a free online eligibility test where you can easily check if you qualify for this service.

Whats on your record?

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