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How to Clear Your Record in Michigan

In order to apply for an expungement, you must file a motion with the court in which you were convicted, or in which you were adjudicated as a juvenile. This may mean that you go back in front of the judge who sentenced you. In some circumstances, cases are transferred to a different judge.

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Criminal Record Expungement in Michigan

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to set aside a conviction in Michigan. These requirements are as follows: You cannot have more than one (1) conviction. You are only allowed to expunge one (1) conviction in […]

Michigan Juvenile Record Clearing

Michigan law allows you to expunge your juvenile record under certain circumstances. Criminal “expungement” in Michigan is the process of going to court to ask a Judge to seal a criminal record. When a record is sealed, it does not […]

Michigan Expungment Statutes

780.621 Application for order setting aside conviction; setting aside of certain convictions prohibited; time and contents of application; submitting application and fingerprints to department of state police; report; application fee; contest of application by attorney general or prosecuting attorney; notice […]

Michigan Eligibility Requirements for Record Clearing

You are eligible for expungement in Minnesota, as long as your conviction doesn’t fall under any of the following categories: a conviction of a felony or an attempted felony punishable by life imprisonment a violation or attempted violation of criminal […]

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