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The Lexington Kentucky based Records Removal Service is now saying on their web site that they are no longer accepting clients and have not been since “earlier this year.”  Records Removal Service’s poor business practices earned “F” ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for several years and resulted in this site receiving more than 100 complaints from consumers who said they were scammed by the company.

Their site reads: “Records Removal Services is not currently accepting new clients.  Records Removal Services stopped accepting new clients earlier this year.”

Records Removal Service had 50 complaints with the Lexington chapter of the BBB— a number that is astoundingly high for a small company.   By comparison, the top 5 expungement law firms combined have less than 10 complaints in three years and  the forms processor Criminal History Cleaners has only 1 in 3 years.

The Better Business Bureau  reported that Records Removal Services “has a pattern of complaints. Many complainants have indicated that they have paid Records Removal Services to expunge or remove past criminal convictions from their records however have either not been able to get responses from the company about their cases after payment and/or Records Removal Services has been unable to provide the services they were paid to provide.

If you believe you were scammed by, please visit this page and submit your information:

Written by Mathew Higbee, Esq

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