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state senator cormanLast month, the proposed expansion to PA expungement law, Senate Bill 391,was referred to the Appropriations Committee where it needs to be scheduled for consideration by the Chairman, State Senator Corman.

The bill being proposed would allow more people to be able to clear their PA criminal record. It would allow individuals who have misdemeanors of the 2nd and 3rd degree to apply to have the records expunged if they have kept a clean record for 7-10 years respectively. The current law states that crimes other than summary offenses can not be expunged until after the offender turned 70 years old or has been deceased for more than three years. The bill was officially amended on February 12, 2012 with a 14-0 vote. If this Bill passes, those who are eligible under the new expungement law can potentially change their lives and remove the stigma that follows a criminal judgment.

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  1. Russell Stewart says:

    Dear SiR

    I am in favor for your efforts in trying to have House Bill 391 pass for the expugement. I had a misedemeanor charge over seventeen years ago for which I need to have expunged so that I may continue my career in law enforcement. I have not been convicted of any other offeses sense 1994 and , this be very helpful in clearing my criminal record with out any blimishes on my back round. Good luck to you and your staff in passing this bill.
    Sincerly Yours
    Russell Stewart

  2. Mathew Higbee, Esq says:

    Thank you for the support and feedback. We will be helping organize a big push in the fall when the PA Senate reconvenes. The bill cleared committee, it just needs to be put to a vote on the Senate floor. Senator Solobay and his staff will be fight hard for it.

  3. Mike says:

    What’s the update with this bill? Has it passed yet?
    It’s now December 2013.

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hello Mike, The bill passed the Pennsylvania State Senate on October 16, and SB 391 was referred to the House judiciary committee on October 17. Unfortunately, they have just not yet voted on the expungement bill or otherwise referred it out, so it is currently stuck in the House Judiciary committee to be reviewed. We will update this website just as soon as any progress is made in the PA House.

  4. robert shriner says:

    now it’s april 2014, can matthew or jenna please provide an update on status of PA bill 391– it’s been about 4 months since your last update….

    thank you!

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hello Robert, unfortunately Pennsylvania Senate Bill 391 is still currently in the House Judiciary Committee. They have not yet voted on SB 391 and it stuck in that committee for now until they report it out. If we determine that it would be helpful, we hope to start putting some pressure on that committee to act on the bill soon if no progress is made. Thank you for your interest and following the status of the Pennsylvania bill, we will update this website as soon as any progress is made.

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