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Minnesota lawmakers are considering H.F. No. 2723, which promises to open the option of expunging some criminal records to a whole new class of defendants. The current Minnesota Expungement Statute only allows expungement of certain drug offenses, some juvenile cases […]

Higbee & Associates will be presenting at a criminal record expungement seminar at the Buena Park One-Stop Center on Tuesday, February 14, 2012, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The free seminar is designed to help people that are unable […]

Former offenders might be able to have their record automatically expunged if a bill recently discussed in the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee is enacted.  The bill (A1060) would automatically expunge records for those convicted of disorderly persons offenses after […]

Minnesota lawmakers are currently considering a much-needed expansion to Minnesota’s expungement laws, offering enhanced protections for people who have expunged their records. Minnesota already some protections for employees and applicants designed to prevent unjust negative employment decisions based on criminal […]

Michigan House Bill 4106, which would increase the number of people eligible to apply for criminal record set aside (expunged), suffered a setback as the Speaker of the House, Jase Bolger, sent the bill back to the Judiciary Committee. Those […]

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